Scalloped Melts


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These cute scalloped melts are approximately 0.9oz-1oz each and fit perfectly in wax warmers!  Perfect way to sample new scents! Now with a  touch of shimmer when melted!


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11 reviews for Scalloped Melts

  1. Lois Binder

    I tried this fragrance in a scallop melt since I wasn’t sure how sweet it would be and I don’t like overly sweet fragrances. Within minutes of turning on my warmer a nice blend of sweet and tart was wafting through my first floor. I could smell raspberries, cherry, red wine, grapefruit and a whiff of orange. Glad I tried Raspberry Sangria Blast; great for summer and a very beautiful color wax.

  2. Lois Binder

    A nice mix of lemon and lime; very refreshing and a beautiful pale green color. As with every Thompson Traditions fragrance I’ve tried (candles and wax melts) this one also has a great scent throw.

  3. Lois Binder

    Zucchini bread is my favorite quick bread recipe for summer when zucchini is abundant at the farmers market so I had to try this melt. It is a cool stormy June afternoon / evening where I live so decided to put Zucchini Bread in my wax melter. This melt smells just like my favorite recipe. I have a 2 story home, and I can smell the fragrance throughout the house.

  4. Lois Binder

    The fragrance description is absolutely accurate – smells just like freshly baked pumpkin bread. The wax color looks like pumpkin bread as well. Great fragrance!

  5. loisbinder

    Country Gift Shop – While I have no idea what pure country smells like, this is an awesome fragrance. The ginger and dried apple blend perfectly with cinnamon. The cinnamon smell is very realistic, not a “fake” like some cinnamon fragrances can be.

  6. loisbinder

    Since it is a fall-like day where I live, I decided to melt Pumpkin Apple Butter from the Fall/Winter fragrances. It is a great fall fragrance. Beautiful cinnamon brown color; to my nose this is a spice scent with pumpkin, the spices and apple being predominant. Strong but not overpowering.

  7. Lois Binder

    Cinnamon Strudel – Cinnamon, flaky pastry and it smells delicious. A must try if you like bakery fragrances.

  8. Lois Binder

    Blackberry Sage – the combination of sweet tart blackberry with herbal sage is outstanding. It’s not too fruity or sweet since the sage adds a clean earthy element and with this balance I melted for several hours with it never becoming overpowering.

  9. Lois Binder

    Red Ginger Saffron – a unique scent that smells so clean and refreshing. Ginger is predominant but not too strong. If you like ginger give this fragrance a try.

  10. Lois Binder

    Sparkling Lemoncello – A refreshing lemon scent, to my nose didn’t really notice the sugared mint.

  11. Lois Binder

    Cherry Lemonade – a great summer fragrance. The cherry adds a nice touch to the lemonade – very realistic smelling, not too sweet or tart.

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